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Yum smart products empower you with new retail

Smart products for your new retail

Products cover retail enterprises from front-end consumer retail, to mid-stage data collaboration, to back-office operation management, to meet the needs of enterprises from single-point applications to omni-channel closed-loop applications, helping enterprises enter a new era of efficient operations

  • front end

    Consumer engagement, interaction, transactions

    iPOS + Store Management

    Integrated management and control of terminal stores to improve performance capabilities such as physical cashiering, marketing, membership management, online and offline integration

    M6 mobile retail

    Own traffic mobile application platform, integrate the public account to open the social capabilities of micro mall, membership, shopping guide, distribution, customer service, etc.

    iCRM Customer Asset Management

    Identify customer information across the entire network, define portraits with digital labels and precise marketing to provide customer asset management throughout the lifecycle

    Winning Mall

    Create a digital retail mobile social mall, quickly launch a small program and use social e-commerce marketing functions to develop a fission marketing model in the 1.08 billion WeChat traffic pool, give full play to the advantages of WeChat social communication, and easily grasp the traffic dividend business association

  • a

    Product, order, inventory, settlement, membership

    E3 + Enterprise Mid-Taiwan

    Based on Zhongtai's ideas and new technologies, it provides omni-channel integrated inventory, order, membership and other operational management capabilities to accelerate digital retail transformation

    E3 omnichannel middle stage

    An omni-channel operation center that connects front-end contacts and back-end management to improve order, inventory, settlement, and product operation efficiency

    MC3 Cloud Platform

    Yum MC3 Cloud Central Platform realizes the integration of goods, inventory, membership, transactions, marketing and other data, helping companies quickly explore and practice new retail

  • rear end

    Production, supply chain, warehouse management

    BSERP3 Enterprise ERP Management

    A platform-level ERP system tailored for group companies, with flexible and personalized development and configuration to adapt to different industry characteristics

    BS3000 + Fashion ERP Management

    Help small and medium-sized fashion enterprises grow rapidly, adapt to the current management model, and improve their sustainable development competitiveness

    iWMS Warehouse Logistics Management

    Realize the optimization of enterprise warehouse efficiency and logistics coordination, and provide more optimized strategic solutions for e-commerce and omni-channel delivery

  • other products

    Technology platform, data analysis

    Winning ticket

    Provide enterprises with a unified entrance to mobile applications, understand big business development trends through big data, empower new retail, and build a business ecosystem

    M kit

    Utilize the convenient bar code input and visual operation of industrial-grade mobile terminals to realize mobile data collection

    RPA robotic process automation

    Intelligent robotic process automation RPA helps users connect different systems and services, handle repetitive and regular labor, automate workflow, and focus on improving work efficiency

    cloud service

    Based on Alibaba Cloud computing technology, combined with Yum ’s own product features to provide a reasonable cloud configuration solution

Yum's smart solutions help companies achieve their goals

Smart solutions help companies achieve their goals

Provide retail enterprises with industry-wide solutions, a strategic layout of phased growth, open the digital growth model of enterprises, and help traditional retail enterprises to gain an edge in the fierce competition and realize the system reform of new retail

  • Yum Omnichannel Management Platform
    Yum SaaS Invoicing Platform

    Omni-channel retail solutions

    Yum Omnichannel Distribution Software

    Omni-channel retail solutions

    Layout of new retail omni-channel business growth, and targeted overall solutions for front-end contacts, mid-stage operations and back-office management

  • Yum Omnichannel Management Platform
    Yum SaaS Invoicing Platform

    Smart store solutions

    Yum Omnichannel Distribution Software

    Smart store solutions

    Integrate Internet technology and smart devices, restructure retail people, goods, and markets, and create new store experiences

  • Yum Omnichannel Management Platform
    Yum SaaS Invoicing Platform

    Warehouse logistics solutions

    Yum Omnichannel Distribution Software

    Warehouse logistics solutions

    Unified and refined management of online and offline warehouse operations, accurate inventory locations, standardized processes, and intelligent warehouse operations

  • Yum Omnichannel Management Platform
    Yum SaaS Invoicing Platform

    Ali omnichannel solution

    Yum Omnichannel Distribution Software

    Ali omnichannel solution

Classic customer case

Classic customer case

30,000 brand customers jointly choose to engage in shoes and apparel, sports, home furnishings, daily chemical, beauty, jewelry, and food industries, covering omni-channel middle Taiwan, retail distribution, supply chain, e-commerce, mobile applications, big data and other fields

  • Yum o2o management system

    Gujing Gong

    Gujing Gong

    Yum! Erp software focuses on omnichannel sales marketing and distribution operation platform. The company provides SaaS digital retail software, saas invoicing system, omnichannel O2O system software, store cashier management, clothing store management software, e-commerce digital retail omnichannel solution platform.

    In order to integrate the data of multiple parties, open up the links of goods, orders, and inventory, and at the same time, choose to use Yum!

    To support a greater number of PC mall marketing activities, and establish a WAP mall with adaptive mobile phone screens, forming omni-channel online mall contacts.

  • Yum O2O system software

    Cotton age

    Cotton age

    Yum! E3 omni-channel retail business platform software, Yum! IWMS warehouse management system and Yum iPOS retail management software were used, and omni-channel information co-construction was launched in May 2014.

    The same online and offline same price, mutual e-commerce physical store drainage, online social platform circle fan and other methods to fully develop omni-channel business, actively layout physical stores,

    Online and offline sales channels such as shopping malls and e-commerce platforms have brought high exposure and communication effects to brands.

  • Yum Omnichannel Distribution

    red beans

    red beans

    Hongdou Group is the core subsidiary of Hongdou Group. It is mainly engaged in red bean suits, shirts and T-shirts. Since its establishment in 1995, it has continuously promoted brand building and realized transformation and upgrading.

    In recent years, the Hongdou Group has proposed the "Smart Red Beans" plan, and in 2017, it carried out informatization strategic cooperation with Yum!

    Through the yum omni-channel mid-taiwan system, an omni-channel operation management system is created to realize the digital transformation of enterprises and the implementation of new retail practices.

  • Yum Omnichannel Inventory Management



    Anta Sports Goods Co., Ltd., established in 1991, is a domestic sports goods company. Anta has become a well-known comprehensive sports goods brand company in China and is deeply loved by domestic consumers.

    The enterprise's mid-Taiwan project uses Alibaba Cloud middleware architecture, combined with Yum's professional operation and maintenance services, to provide 7 * 24 hours monitoring services to ensure security protection.

  • Yum Omnichannel Quotation Software

    Tide Acer

    Tide Acer

    Guangdong Chaohongji Industrial Co., Ltd.'s own jewelry brand.

    The company was founded in 1996 and established the brand "Chao Hongji" in July 1997. It is a large-scale joint-stock enterprise integrating jewelry design, production and sales.

    On the road of Chaohongji's informatization upgrade, it reached a strategic consensus with Yum! After more than a year, the new system went online smoothly. Achieve a high degree of sharing of omnichannel resources, establish a user-led and order-driven business model, and realize the retail transformation and upgrade of Chaohongji.

  • Yum Omnichannel New Retail



    Yum! Software, as a strategic partner of Semir Group, provides Semir with comprehensive solutions and comprehensive service support.

    Yum's eFAST, E3, iWMS and other information systems have been applied to manage e-commerce, warehousing, Tmall omni-channel tee and other services.

    During the Double Eleven each year, Yum! Will dispatch technicians to provide on-site support 24 hours a day, to handle problems at any time, and to ensure the stable operation of Semir Double 11.

  • Yum Omnichannel Management Software

    Xu Fuji

    Xu Fuji

    In 2014, Xu Fuji held hands with Yum! For the first time. With the rapid development of e-commerce business, Xu Fuji proposed an omni-channel strategic deployment in line with the new retail development trend.

    Yum! Software continues to provide Xu Fuji with omni-channel retail solutions and operational services, and at the same time opens up the rookie alliance to enable rookie to take part in logistics orders.

    In the future, Yum! Soft will work closely with Xu Fuji to promote its new retail transformation and upgrade.

  • Yum omnichannel solution system

    Lin Qingxuan

    Lin Qingxuan

    Lin Qingxuan is the brand of Shanghai Qingxuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Since its establishment in 2003, Lin Qingxuan has been committed to making safe natural cosmetics with traditional Chinese herbs as raw materials.

    At present, Lin Qingxuan has 900,000 online members and 1.5 million offline members. ICRM's cloud deployment improves the high availability and security of application systems. Provide companies with Saas services in various retail scenarios.

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